Now open at Pallikaranai. Only Limited Seats are available. Apply Now!

For More Information, Call us:
+91 81221 22333

Now open at Pallikaranai. Only Limited Seats are available. Apply Now!

For More Information, Call us:
+91 81221 22333

We at VVT Coaching Centre are determined to create a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere for all our girl students. To achieve this, VVT Coaching Center has now opened the SARASWATHI GIRLS RESIDENTIAL CAMPUS at Pallikaranai that is exclusive for our girl students.

The Apartment like living experience at the Saraswathi Campus is designed to achieve great comfort while living during their course period.

Admissions are now open for the NEET Repeaters Course 2019-20. Classes from 19th June 2019.

Tamil Nadu's Best Success Rate in NEET 2019!


Besides great NEET ranks, we have the best success rate in NEET 2019 with 95.34% of our students qualified the exam.

What's our secret? It is simple. We always ensure our students receive the best quality of education with the best faculty in the most comfortable classrooms in Tamil Nadu. 


The VVT Value

Features available exclusively at VVT Coaching Centre

Our Faculty Team

Average Experience of Over 20 Years!


Our tutors have been handpicked from the industry having blazing careers. They have proven not only to be exceptional teachers but also trustworthy mentors to numerous candidates across India. We have designed our coaching methods with love and dedicated care to make it comfortable for all the engineering and medical aspirants.

Mr. B. Srihari Rao (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

29 Years of Experience


Mr. G.Anil Kumar (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

20 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. J. Venkata Narayana (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

22 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. G. Mallikharjuna (M.Sc.)

15 Yrs. of Exp.

Dr. Farooq Khan (M.Sc., Ph.D)

23 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. S.K. Mahammad Hussain (M.Sc.)

19 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. P. Naresh (M.Sc.)

23 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. V. Padmanabhan (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

16 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. G. Srinivas (M.Sc., B.Ed)

15 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. S. Venu Prasad Babu (M.Sc.,)

21 Yrs. of Exp.

Mr. K. Brahmaiah (M.Sc.)

17 Yrs. of Exp.

NEET Repeater's Course Material



Exclusive NEET Material

Our NEET Study Material is prepared by some of India's most experienced faculty team to help you with your preparations. Years of research, analysis from handpicked experts from the industry have gone into creating this bundle. This is the ultimate, all you need NEET Material series that you can rely on.



Girls Residential Campus

Plot No. 395 and 396, 1st Main Road,
Kamakoti Nagar, Pallikaranai,
Chennai – 600 100.